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Data: 12 listopada 1998 23:10
Temat: Re: a bit off-topic: ideographic english

>lucasso wrote:
>> i'm not interested in chinese like symbols with meaning part and sound
part -
>For those who are, there is a masterful version of this at

i've seen that, so i was shure it's not new idea, and i realized that i
don't want those two parts.

>> all ideogram should show only meaning...
>Pretty difficult.  How do you handle "the", "I", "we", "you", etc.
>What about "infinitesimal"?  How about "abstraction"?

i was thinkin'bout king of rebus:
I - person+talk+?
you - person+listen+(?talk+??)+??

or something like that...

and so about abstracts, many of western ideograms are rebus:
japanese idgram 'every' [MAI] is 'person+mother' (every person have a
what about that?

>> a few examples are here:
>> (this page may not work good, but should be enough)
>It's fairly straightforward to start, but almost impossible to
>finish.  Even Chinese writing and Blissymbolics writing have
>to abandon the pure ideographic principle fairly quickly.
maybe you're right
(i've never finished anything so you're rather right, but it's kind of
experiment, and i'll try as much as i can...)