Sarra di lla Gafurn yscrifef:

> How do you know my real name?  <G>  You must also be on Englisc.

No, but I am part of the Sessiwn, remember?

> I read an interview [UKL] had given back in the eighties in which she denies
> that what she really does is invent languages.  She likes to invent the
> appearances of languages, and she likes inventing words, like shifgrethor.

I dimly remember reading that too, now that you mention it.

> Introducing puns is not fair! <G>

Too right, but I couldn't resist that "revolution ... coupe la tete"

> > > Perusal of John's pages
> >
> > Not my pages, really.
> Then why is your picture on them?  And your name?

Eh?  My picture?  Where?  My personal page (
has no pictures at all.  The Lojban page is maintained by Veijo
Vilva, and his picture is somewhere about.

> What is its primary purpose?

Experimental linguistics, viz. the testing of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
in the form "how you talk constrains how you think".  Secondary
purposes include IAL, human<->computer communication, intellectual

N.B.:  Due to a configuration problem at my site, I can't reply to
you in person (there are now 3 people on my personal "can't reach"
list), so I am replying through Conlang, as some parts of this
may have more general interest.

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