On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Joshua Shinavier wrote:

> Here's the natlang list as it now stands.
> --> Ferke: are you sure about "boarisch" as an adjective for "Bavarian"?
>   I've never heard it, not even on Bavarian TV programs, and we always ju=
st say
>   "bayerisch".
>   Though I've never paid that much attention to their dialect anyway... :=

Yes, I am.  Here's a little example of Boarisch:

Unsar Schraibwais vom Boarischn is a unvarbindlihar Vorschl=E5g, wia ma' as=
Boarische schraibm kannt, aso das a jedar der wo boarisch redt guat=20
vast=EAt, w=E5s gschribm werd.

As for my dialect, if you want an example, please see=20
only the DDR anthem is ready, though!

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