On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Frank George Valoczy wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Joshua Shinavier wrote:
>> > 'Norge' is bokm=E5l, 'Noreg' is nynorsk, both are valid. I
>> > thought your informant on norwegian was one of those
>> > nynorsk-lovers (I stick to 'radical' bokm=E5l myself), but if
>> > it merely was a typo... :)
>> Aha, so that's it.  I've seen "Noreg" on the Net more than once but I'=
ve always
>> thought it was a misspelling of Norge.  I don't speak any Norwegian
>> myself, though I do speak Swedish (my favorite natlang)... so my choic=
e is
>> bound to be biased :-)
>Well, Norway in Icelandic is "Noregur", so perhaps Norge is the=20
>misspelling of Noreg?

Hmm... Frankie, are you attempting to fool me into heated
debate here? ;> -Feuds- have started about which is the
*right* way to spell it, friendships have been lost,
families splintered. (No kidding! Though few care much about
it nowadays.)=20

To round this off before I start calling for help from my
fellow noregian nitpickers, here's a story that shows the
preoccupation of norwegians with their language rather

<translation type=3Drough from=3Dnorsk to=3Denglish>

Under one of the many german submarine attacks on one of the
many convoys to Murmansk during WWII, all crew on a
norwegian ship was presumed lost, as the ship lay dead in
the water, and none of the crew was on deck, nor in the
water, nor in the lifeboats.

They were all okay of course, and what did they do during
the attack? They were down below discussing the spelling
reforms of 1938, naturally.=20


:) I just looove this story, says so much with so little.