Didier wrote :
Garrett wrote:
> > Hello everyone, I am creating a new language called Malat. It is
> > intended to be the most logical language ever created.
> That's a rather presomptuous aim, don't you think? I have always
> wondered what people meant by *logical* languages (are there any
> *illogical* languages, by the way?), and as a matter of facts,
> many so-called logical langs often show lots of illogicalities,
> whereas artlangs are sometimes paradoxically much more regular
> and logical...

Hey, Didier, don't be too hard on Garrett. There's nothing wrong in making the language one thinks most logical to one's own standards :-)
Cause/effect may be declined in many different ways such as a fine tuning from causality to function  :

causality : I make him grind;
finality : He mills cereal to feed his children;
transformation : The mill grinds cereal into flour;
attribution : The woman gives birth to a child
function : The mills (*mills) cereal
There are many other cause/effect relations that other non-linguist conlangers like me still ignore. Maybe Garret may point some interesting ones.


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