Frank George Valoczy wrote:
> Hehe, then you prolly shouldn't learn magyar...we use God's name in vain
> all the time, e.g. "basszon valagba a kurva Isten" (May the whore God
> fuck your ass).  Tha't only the tip of the iceberg.

Just out of interest, which of the words in Hungarian means "whore"? The
reason I ask is because if it is kurva, do you know the origin of the
word? I don't know Hungarian, but it doesn't look like your typical
Hungarian word. Kurva is an Aramaic word for whore used in Hebrew.... It
would be kind of fun if that was where it came from (via the
once-enormous Jewish community in Hungary).  I've encountered similar
Hebrew/Yiddish words still used in modern German slang, even though
no-one I heard use them knew their origin (e.g. ganeff=thief,

A stab in the dark, of course, but any comments gratefully received!

        Conlanglikeg coluiereiin
        (In Conlangish friendship)

        Shaul Vardi