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>Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>>         Yes, at present, they just don't exist. That doesn't mean that=
>> can't exist, or that they never existed (maybe a language now extinct
>> without any descendor had a split-nominative like Sally's one). Who=
>> There are only 5000 languages all over the world, and certainly millions
>> (perhaps an infinity) of systems that could be languages. So it's normal=
>> me to think that everything is possible.
>Okay, granted some unattested systems quite possibly existed somewhere,
>but not all.  I seriously doubt that a center-embedding system could
>exist, the human brain simply can't handle it.  I'm confident that there
>*are* systems that simply can't exist in human languages.  Perhaps some
>that we think are impossible are actually possible, but I don't think
>that every unattested system is possible.  The human brain can only
>process certain types of systems.

        What if our brain evolves? (just kidding)

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