Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> > nasalised vowels
>        I think using a tilda ~ before or after the vowel is the best way to
> do it (just choose a place and keep it).

I've never seen it *before* the vowels, not that I can think of, at
least.  The standard practice is after, so /i~/ = nasalized /i/

>         On my old computer, the 0 (zero) was just like that. But I think it
> disappeared. If you make an HTML file, I think such a character already
> exists (I saw it but don't use it).

In html it's "ø".  In ASCII IPA it varies from system to system,
in SAMPA, it's [2].  You can find 5 different systems at

>         It's not the schwa? So what is it?

I think he's referring to the backward e, a centralized version of /E/.
It's represented in SAMPA by [@\]

> >voiced interdental fricative


> >voiceless "          "


> >voiced velar fricative


> >voiceless palatal stop (IPA [c])


> >voiced palatal stop (IPA barred undotted j)

SAMPA doesn't have a symbol for that, but two of them use [J]

> >IPA inverted w


> >glottal stop


> >ejective k
> >ejective t
> >ejective p
>         What I see is generally k', t' and p'. But the apostroph has so many
> uses that it can be the worst solution.

Not when you're using ASCII IPA.  In the SAMPA system, apostrophe
indicates ejective.

>         A question related to clicks: what are they? (I mean, how are they
> pronounced? Nobody has ever been able to explain me exactly what clicks were).

Okay, close off the back of your mouth, as tho making a /k/, and, for a
bilabial click, close your lips as for a /p/, then lower the
tongue-body, creating a partial vacuum in the mouth, and open the mouth,
the in-flow of air is a click sound.  The dental click is made by having
the tongue in the dental position, and lowering the tongue-body, then
releasing the front of the tongue.

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