On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, lucasso wrote:

> >Do you really need me to design the Baltic Auxiliary Language? OK
> >then, let's call it "BAL" - a conveniently recognizable acronym, don't
> >you think? 8-)
> >
> >I would imagine Bal being a mix of Scandinavian, Baltic, and Finnic
> >languages (perhaps also Polish). I speak Scandinavian, but I know very
> >little (if any) of the other languages. I might end up designing a
> >Scandinavian Auxlang instead. Nevertheless, it could be an interesting
> >challenge for someone with the proper exposure to all of these
> >languages. Anyone?
> >
> i know polish ^_^ and few things about slavic langs in generall...
> may i help?

I speak 3 Balto-Finnic (Finnish, Estonian, Votic) and I have a working
knowledge of Lithuanian, so I could help too

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