On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Kristian Jensen wrote:

> Alright Frank George... can I ask if are you the one who is
> archiving all this?

I guess, by default, yes.

> Anyways, I'd recommend choosing vowels that are common to all of
> BAL's target languages. So if Finnish and Estonian have simpler
> vowel inventories than Votic, I suggest choosing their vowels
> instead.

Alright.  The common Balto-Finnic ( minus Livonian and Veps) vowels are:

(CB again)

@ .ae E i o % u y  (all of which occur long)

I'll get the common diphthongs up tomorrow or the day after.

> Here are the vowels and diphthongs of Latvian and
> Danish/Scandinavian.
> CB ascii-ipa system (as well):
> *****************************************
> LATVIAN vowels and diphthongs according to:

Ah! From my friend Uldis' page!  According to him, the written /e/ has
two values: /e/ and /.ae/

> *******************************************
> So far, it seems like BAL will not have front rounded vowels since
> none of the Baltic (Latvian/Lithuanian) languages have them.

I have to agree, knowing that Polish doesn't have them.

So, tentatively, the pure vowels would be:

a  .ae  E  (e)  i  o  u  [/e/ doesn't exist in Balto-Finnic, so it's

Diphtongs to come later.

Cheers, Ferke/Feri/Frank

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