> Frank Valoczy wrote:
> >My most developed project, Vranian, with a dictionary of 8,000 to 9,000
> >words, was 6 months ago consigned to the fireplace, in favour of three
> >projects, of which two have fallen aside and Quryak has survived.
> For the sake of conlang posterity, I hope you mean the proverbial fireplace
> and not the literal fireplace!  One should *always* save one's discarded
> conlang projects.  We have precious little history as it is.  You think that
> Hildegard von Bingen was the only person before the 18th century to invent
> a language?  Hardly.  It's just that so few conlanging records have
> survived...  :-)

No no, I didn't really burn it...just put it in a box and stashed it
away...I've done far too much to just throw it away...I've done many
phonologies though that did end up being literally trashed.

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