I just stumbled into this thread (me hugely backlogged again as usual):

> John Fisher wrote:
> > Like other people, I guess, I think that the words I choose in some way
> > "sound like" their meaning.  Probably this is nonsense, but here's a
> >    clasant       sayl       sint       lath      yev
> >    sharf         plenin     murud      celif     sharday
> Interesting idea, John. Last year I went around my class
> asking ppl to match subjects with their "colors", whatever
> they wanted.  From your above list the only ones I'm
> getting clear "vibes" for are "murud" being brown, and
> "celif" being blue.
> -jrh

Surely "celif" is yellow. I'm sure it would be if it were Livagian.

("Lif" is "daffodil". "leks" is "lemon". "zelif" is "buttercup". "kel"
is crystal.)