Regarding the grammar module dedicated "Prepositions in Almaqerin
& Postpositions in Sitarwelas" I announced ten days ago, I have
added today a new set of [pre/post]positions (about 10).

The reason why they weren't described in the first version is
that I do not have nice grammatical names for them, compared to
the particles already presented (the terminology was taken more
than one year ago from Peter Clark's article on cases(*), but
unfortunately a few cases are not covered...). Moreover some of
these prepositions were quite old, and I was unsure whether they
should be changed to be more regular and consistent with the
actual version of the grammar. Nevertheless I finally decided
to left them unchanged (after all, an artlang does not have to
be that regular ;)

The URL is

Comments are welcome.

-- -
(*) This much valuable document "An introduction to cases" is
    available on the CONLANG FAQ, though I do not have the URL
    at hand right now.

    I wasn't in the CONLANG list when this article was posted
    (in April 97, incidentally just after my birthday). It was
    forwarded to me by one of my friends who knew I would find
    it interesting, and I therefore discovered the existence of
    this list...

    So yes, I am quite glad to have completed this particular
    section of the grammar. I feel I have achieved something
    (though I don't clearly know what :*)
-- -