On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Sally Caves wrote:

As good a topic as any to delurk for...

> Sixteen animals.  It looks as though the rule for animal nouns is "a" or
> "o" endings...

My guesses, with the Kernu and Brithenig equivalents.

>damabroh       cow/bull        vacca (milch cow), tarfs (bull), bois
                                (general bovines); dams (ox)
                                                tarw, gwach
>ykwa           horse           no one word for "horse": cavals, charger;
                                epo, sacred horse; march, marcca, variously
                                workhorse or riding horse; estallo, stud;
                                verets, light to mid duty carthorse.
>kwermit        mouse           luccets         llug
>tohda          monkey
>kokly          dove            columma
>rakkydna       hawk
>yno            lamb
>nykanel        spider                          aruin
>kohsa          dog             ca or cu        can
>yba            sheep
>moltro         chicken         gals, galu
>feco           duck            anis, ana
>vyo            cat             cats, catta     cath
>fulpa          fox             voulps
>jyjak          gull            gos, gawea
>marto          badger          brouch, broucca

I _know_ I got one right anyway! ;-)