> And a lot of different sounds for different cultures.  I would like to
> know how the following onomatopeyics are render in different
> nat/conlangs...
>    animal     onomatopeyic
>  description     sound
> (in English)  (in Spanish)
>     dog         guau      /gwaw/
>     cat         miau      /mjaw/
>     roster      kikiriki' /'ki/
>     pig         oing|oinc /oiNg/ /oiNk/
>     kermit      ribit     /'rri.bit/
>     bee         bzz       /bz:/ (odd orthography)
>     gun shoot   bang      /baNg/
>     explosion   pum       /pum/

dog:     red/pand (sound: raux)
cat:     ting     (sound: yaun)
rooster: aspij    (no particular sound; when in need of one you might use
                   "aspijaud" ("rooster sound" :-))
pig:     olgil    (sound: gwiit)
frog:    marg     (sound: royk)
bee:     piimil   (sound: ziz)
gun:     kolv     (sound: kat)
explode: kvaun    (sound: daum)

(ii = i")

> Has any conlang used onomatopeyics for genera vocabulary?
Almost all words for concepts having to do with sound are onomatopoeic to some
degree, as well as many others which are associated with certain sounds;
on.eia is a good way to invent "fitting" names for things which can be heard.

Josh Shinavier