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Data: 22 listopada 1998 05:57
Temat: Re: water (was:re:sounds like...)

>On Thu, 19 Nov 1998 12:53:40 +0100, lucasso <[log in to unmask]> wro=
>>mia wrote that english 'water' isn't good word for water, becouse of
>>so how should water sonds like?
>>i was thinking about 'low' (just like english 'low')..
>>('luw' ?[lu:] when stressed)
>>is it water enough? :)
>Actually, I think "aqua" is a pretty good word for "water". Better than

yes aqua sounds quite water...
but where is the secret?  :D
low/luw - use aproximants, and maybe becouse it sounds waterlike to me
aqua use something like diphtong (yes i know the story of latin 'qu'
digraph), so thing close to aproximants

or maybe water secret is in vowels?  :D

>many of my own words for "water" (Olaetyan "itrya", Alzetjan "djelna",
>Cispa "tipsic", Jarrda "pean", etc.)
>I really don't have any idea why words like "aqua" and "shui" sound more
>watery to me than, say, "tubig" or "hudor", but they do.

maybe becouse lot of stops? :)

and polish(slavic) woda /'voda/???