At 9:17 pm +0000 8/12/98, Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:
>I'd like to help but I don't understand the words you use (I'm not a
>linguist). But just in case, if I dare precise :


Yes, both your reply to Kristian and to my post are very helpful &
certainly appreciated by me.  Thanks.

You said in your reply to Kristian:
"That question isn't still settled after tens of years of struggle among
scholars so feel free to do what best pleases you :-) Why don't you write
these vowels as they are written in Khmer syllabary ? "

Seems very sound advice.  I was wondering when I replied to Kristian
whether this was one of those issues that scholars disagreed about.  It's
nice to have that confirmed.  It did occur to me that the Khmer themselves
must either indicate these vowels or not in their writing and that perhaps
one should be guided by that.

I've snipped the rest, but I assure you I found it very interesting.

>That's too bad I can't find that paper explaining everything in a very
>scholar way that confused me so much. I'm sure you would adore it ;-)

Ooohh - I would, I would!!!