Kristian Jensen skrev (sinulat):

>All right... I think I'm beginning to understand this now. Thanks to
>you. I believe that all these vowel sounds are all conditioned
>variants of [log in to unmask] So you'd suggest using one symbol. But the question
>is, what symbol? It seems really contrived to me to write for
>instance a word that sounds like [mw@j] and [mj@n] as "maway" and
>"mayan" respectively.

What's contrived about it?  Looks good to me.  Or how about "mewey"
and "meyen"?


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Kinga tokoa ny gidro.  Ny saka no biby fantantsika ho
kinga indrindra, fa ny gidro dia mbola kinga lavitra
noho izy!

Lemurs are very smart.  We think of cats as being the
smartest animals, but lemurs are far smarter than they

(taken from "Tiako ka Vakiko", a Malagasy children's