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>>I would suggest *o* when major is *u*, *e* when major is *i*, *a*
>>when major is *a*, and nothing when mute because I believe you
>>will end up pronouncing them like that.

>But there is only _one_ underlying minor vowel in Boreanesian - the
>[log in to unmask] The other realizations of this vowel ([I],[U], and zero) are
>allophones of the same vowel. That's why I have decided to symbolize
>this with the same letter all throughout. Yet, it still wouldn't
>cause any ambiguity to represent these allophones by different
>letters to better reflect the pronounciation. Its just that Raymond
>adviced using one letter. What's better, phonemic or phonetic

>-Kristian- 8-)

I think that in this case phonemic is about using the same
vowel, but for specification/teaching(?) purposes, give each phonetic
value of the letter a different diacritic, for example:

(my special-characters don't always show up correctly, so i'm giving a
description too)

[@] = {h, E-falling-accent}
[I] = {j, E-circumflex}
[U] = {i, E-rising-accent}
[ ] = {e, normal-E}

-Stephen (Steg)

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