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>Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>>         But in that case nearly _every_ language is illogical (at least
>> language of an "industrialized society") as the whole world is in a major
>> upheaval!
>Let me rephrase it.  No language is 100% logical, but most of the
>European languages, at the very least, come close, as the current
>"upheaval" is based in their cultures, and thus they are adapting well.
>There are some gross illogicalities, from the current worldview's
>perspective, such as obligatory gender-marking in most of the European
>langauges, but overall they remain internally consistent.  Some
>non-European languages, on the other hand, are suffering from a totally
>foreign worldview being imposed on them, and are thus in the process of
>major change, presumably retaining elements of the native worldview, and
>elements of the "new" worldview.  I don't know enough about those to say
>whether they are retaining internal coherency or not, but I'd guess that
>they are.  Humans tend to be quite flexible, incorporating new ideas
>into an old frame of reference whenever possible.

        Okay, now I get the point.

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