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Sorry for the mis-addressing!!  (used another reply by accident)

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Conlangers all,

The testbed for the Glide: An Interactive Exploration in Visual Language website is

We're still in beta phase, so would appreciate your patience with the inevitable
glitches.  Give it lots of time to laod--they're big downloads, but we hope will be
worth it.  Settingyour monitor to highest resolution and maximum colors will
enhance viewing.  You will need a Flash Player plugin to view the site, as you will
find out from the entry pages.  If you are using a 4.0 browser, you probably have
one installed.  You be able to tell--if you can see the animation on the overview
page, you're fine.  If you can't, there's a link there to get what you need.

The collabyrinth section, and the full lexicon, are still under development,
changing hour by hour.  Don't know exactly what you'll find there--but as of the
last time I checked, the collabyrinth is buggy and the lexicon didn't have the
glyphs added, so is not really useable yet.  That will be fixed soon.  However,
there's a pocket lexicon at the top of every screen (click trianle on right).  The
? button on bottom right takes you to a page about how to use the interface, if
there are any questions.

Love to get you feedback, of course, and also to hear about any difficulties you
have from a user standpoint.