Karen Robinson wrote:

> For those who are unaware, all or many of the posts to Conlang are being
> archived at the follwing webiste:
> The posts go back in large numbers to December 1996.  Supposedly you can
> delete a post you made, but when I tried this, I was refused access.
> (Supposedly I didn't write my own posts.)  I have written eGroups asking
> for help in deleting posts, and if they give me any useful information,
> I'll pass it on.  In the meantime, I think you should assume that
> Conlang is a public forum.
> Karen Robinson

If I'm not mistaken, for deleting a post in EGroups you most have post the
message using EGroups.  I't is not enough to use the email log on matching
the email address you write the posting originally.

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