On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, And Rosta wrote:

> Maybe there should be some kind of confederation of minor insular
> languages, with representatives from the Maldives, the Andaman
> islands, from Sakhalin, from Boreaneasia and from Hesperonesia
> (comprising Livagia, Scungria, the Azores and in some classifications
> the Canaries), etc.. And at their congresses they could discuss their
> various neglected tongues, like Ainu, Andamanese, Boreanesian, and
> the numerous languages of the Boreatlantic group (comprising [IIRC -
> it's Paul Roser who has been working on this] Macro-Tsxaah, Macro-Livagian,
> and Guanche).
Representitives from the Kingdom of Kemr might petition the confederation
for observer status.

- andrew.

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