> I was tired of my isp's mail not working so now i'm using a different POP
> server. Here is the message i wanted to send several days ago. This is
> about the 4th time i've tried to send it...

3rd.  And I received it each time, thank you. :)

> Verified? by who? :P

By me.  It works for my language, which verifies that it's a possibility.
Danoven is the ultimate language, the tongue of the future.  Generations to
come will bow down to me as the king of the Aroel and sovereign lord of
linguistics. ;-)  (and :-P to you, too!)

> Here is my viewpoint: the concept of the verb is based on energy, and the
> noun is
> based on matter. An adjective is an elaboration/specification on a noun
> (further
> describes the matter/object); an adverb is an elaboration/specification o=
> a verb.
> Some verb concepts are quite elaborate, and could sometimes be expressed =
as a
> simpler verb plus some adverbs.

"Energy" is a noun.  "To exist" is a verb.  How convenient that English is
sloppy enough to allow any number of counterexamples to any theory about th=
significance of nouns and verbs :)

> As said before, everything changes in time; that doesn't necessarily mean=
> everything is based on a verb. What I say is that the verb is a
> change/description
> of the change, the noun is the matter that changes.

What are "numbers"?  What is "goodness"?  There are a whole family of nouns=
and verbs, which have nothing at all to do with matter in any way.
Next theory, please :)

> JJS: you must have SOME type of system that tells how the words relate to=
> other...

Yes of course.  That's in their definitions.  Most words are defined in ter=
of other words -- only a select few are considered "fundamental" and left
undefined, serving as the basis for all other (logical) definitions.
The more "emotional" or "intuitive" words become, the more relaxed the lang=
is about allowing them as fundamental concepts, or concepts only hazily
related to other elements of the language.

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