Re: movie time Vulcan:


The Vulkan language project based on the Vulcan used in the Movies is a very
serious project with a VERY well developed grammar and an EXTREMELY detailed
vocabulary. Take a look at It is a beautiful
site and as you will see Gardner (I forget his first name) did quite extensive
research to produce the work you see at his various sites.

As he points out the original actors were taped speaking English and then the
Vulcan was dubbed over it. However it may appear, the language in the movies
and the work done by Gardner is more than garbled English.

The Cardassian site at is also
very impressive and IMHO well done although not as extensive as the Vulcan

Miaraeshkizhe, tantoan-tantoan banadjinit Sobonrumelova resh ta Drunit sholey
lafiyadji! Shunyadji! (Hopefully, one day we will have a beautiful website for
the Druni language! We shall see!).

Enjoy the Sites!
Jim H
ta Druntan