Kristian Jensen wrote:

> Well, perhaps - and I could be wrong - the main reason I indulge in
> this activity is because I have what several call: "Identity
> Crisis".

<snip>i found your answer incredibly moving, Kristian.

> So perhaps creating a fictional nation is my way of searching for or
> creating an identity.


> The issue about "Identity Crisis" in general is seen by others as a
> problem. Perhaps, this is also the reason why I think people would
> see my indulgement as a problem. But I can't help it. I either have
> no identity or I'm Boreanesian. I'd much rather say the latter than
> the former at the top of my voice: "I AM BOREANESIAN - GET IT!!!"

feelings of homelessness.  how deep does this go?  i often wonder.
where are we from, really from, that this can run so deep.  deep time.

> Of course, a minor reason why I conlang could be due to my
> role-playing indulgement in the past. But I think that's a very very
> minor reason. I even wrote a term paper on the art of city-designing
> in AD&D realms/worlds for my International Baccalaureate Art class.
> But that's another story... 8-)

i think role-playing and games are closely related, myself.  my interest
in such has been simultaneously generated with conlanging, believe it or
not.  games in general, principles of games, nature of games, rulesets
in general--how a few simple rules and a limited number of elements can
generate many many unique games.  this seems like language to
me.currently reading Stephen Holtzman's Digital Mantras:  language,
music, painting, sanscrit, computers. and--apropos of nothing save an
associative chain-- has anyone on this list had the pleasure of reading
James Carse's Infinite Games?


> Regards,
> -Kristian- 8-)