Nik Taylor wrote:

> Eric Christopherson wrote:
> > ACK! Yeah, I messed up those examples. I think the difference between
> > initial and final /k/ is not aspiration, but point of articulation.
> > The /k/ in "kill" is more uvular than the one in "pack" or something.
> /k/ in kill *is* aspirated.  The /k/ in pack, as Tom Wier has already
> pointed out, is unreleased.  Actually, the /k/ in "kill" *is* pronounce=
> at a somewhat more forward position than "pack" or "code", it's
> partially palatized.

 Well, the /k/ in "pack" is just the same as that of "kill" in my
dialect, in terms of point of articulation.  There's also a rule in
English that stipulates that when near a front vowel, /k/ is instantiated
as a palatal rather than a velar stop.  This would leave such
back-voweled words as "code" with velar stops.

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