Tom Wier wrote:
> Andrew Smith wrote:
> > No one seems to have initiated the attempt to study Hiztory, the Story
> > told by men as representatives of their gender in contrast to the official
> > version.
> I believe that is because, for most of history, Hiztory (TM) was what anybody
> who studied history got; the two were synonymous.  :)

In England, at least, it really was a case of HIS + TORY.
HIS = history from a male-centered view (all the kings and dukes we
learned about)

TORY = (English slang for Conservative) = history from a conservative
standpoint, from the viewpoint of the ruling class

        Shaul Vardi

(Now living in Israel, where the word for history - historiya - sounds
uncanningly like the word for hysterics - histeriya)........