On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Jason Hooper wrote:

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> > I though maybe it would be neat to have one text that every one would
> > translate into their languages.  That way it would give us all a better
> > comparison.  If we had room we could still have a second sample that would
> > reflect more the culture of the language itself.
> I like this idea.  It would be a better way to show not which
> languages are better than others but how they translate the
> same text in their own way.  Would we use text already available,
> like from Shakespeare or from the Bible?  Or should we here on
> CONLANG make our own?

Most of us (or certainly many) have done/are doing/shall do the Babel
text.  I know there's a site somewhere that hosts various conlang efforts;
but by no means all.  Others have done the paternoster; and there have
been any number of "How do yall say this in your langs?" posts.  I did one
of these here last Spring (the train ticket situation) and got 10 or 12
responses (a few in multiple registers of the same lang), which I've kept.

> I'll be thinking of this when browsing
> the web, in case I come across something fitting this purpose.

Please do!  I'm sure most of us like to show off a bit and flex our
translatory muscles as well.


> -jrh