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> John Cowan wrote:
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> > Eric Christopherson wrote:
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> > > Here's a chart of vowel changes in Vulgar Latin (IIRC):
> >
> > Warning: this is the table for the *Western* Romance languages
> > only; it does not apply to Romanian or Sardinian (or Brithenig),
> > which have different rules.  (In Romanian, short and long o
> > became o, short and long u became u; in Sardinian, long/short
> > just collapsed everywhere and c/g did not palatalize, so
> > Sardinian sounds very "archaic".)
> Do you mean to say that in Romanian short and long o collapse, but
> short and long e stay separate?

Somewhat simplified Balkan Romance treats front vowels like in Western
Romance but back vowels like in Sardinian.  Moreover short unstressed
vowels tend to disappear or merge into schwa.

Again, I recommend the Harris/Vincent volume I mentioned in my last post.


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