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(The Flight)

> That evening, I was considering whether I would eat my supper when the
Lla suir lla, eo felltaf mollt eo fanugarew mew feren can ill
The evening there, I considered whether I would-eat my supper when the

> man arrived at our house, hungry and exhausted.  He was tall, with hair
of awentif a nustr gas, ffeidus cun ill ffef di yn llub.  Ys er allt, cun
ill gwallt
man arrived at our house, exhausted with the hunger of a wolf.  He was
tall, with the hair-of-(his)-head

> dyed blacker than a crow, after the custom of the North.  While he was
tint ply nir ca yn corw, dibos ill defad di clig.  Dyrant ke ys si
dyed more black then a crow, after the custom of left.  While he himself

> washing I had to dry his clothes for him in front of the fire.  He ate
lawaf eo ddefef sichar sew west per lle inawant ill ffog.  Ys manugaf
washed I had-to dry his clothes for him in-front-of the fire.  He ate

> voraciously and drank a cup of wine which made him sleep.  The next
gulusfent e fifef yn goff di'll gwin ke si ffagef dorfir.  Ill mathin
greedily and drank a cup of-the wine that him made to-sleep.  The morning

> morning he warned us to leave that place immediately, as the floods
proesif ys nu cheistaf laesar ill llog lla intresaeth, si llo ddilyw
next he us warned to-leave the place there immediately, as the floods

> would soon overwhelm it, and it was almost too late to escape.  All five
llo gotharew tempr, e sa'r gheis bly thardd yscaffar.  Cinc di nu thud
it overwhelm soon, and it-was almost very late to-escape.  Five of us all

> of us mounted the horses we had bought at the last festival and followed
weddifan syrs llo dors di llo chafal nu h-eran comprad a'll gweil yllif e
went on the backs of the horses we were bought at the festival last and

> him, but not without wondering fairly seriously whether he was in fact
llo, mai rhen seint pensen certhfent seirfent di follt ys er gwerdad
him, but not without thinking fairly seriously of whether he was truth

> insane.  How lucky we were!  Not two days later, the waters destroyed
fath.  Ke si ffadad nu h-eran!  Rhen dew ddiwrn ply thardd, llo h-ag
insane.  How lucky we were!  Not two day more late, the waters destroyed

> our house and all the fields beyond it, and most of our neighbours, who
nustr gas e llo champ ulltr lle, e llo ply di nustr wigin, ke nu
our house and the fields beyond it, and the more of our neighbours, who us

> had mocked us fleeing, were pitiably drowned.
h-eran rhiddigliddad ffyr, erant piedusfent anogad.
were mocked to-flee, were pitiably drowned.

- andrew.

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