>On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Kristian Jensen wrote:
>> whether I should study linguistics or anthropology at the university
>> this coming September. Conlanging and conculturing/nationing
>> provides the medium for deciding which I'm interested in most.
>> Interest is one thing though. But what about career opportunities?
>> What are the prospects?

To which Kenji Schwarz replied:

> That's something that the Real Linguists on the list should answer, =
> me; also I expect the answer will be a bit different for different
> countries.

I'm not a linguist, but I've just started taking the course Linguistics =
101 this term at Uni here in Stockholm (instead of that extremely boring =
School of Business). It's the best thing I've done in my life! On the =
introduction lecture we were told that we've made an excellent choice =
'cause "linguistics rules!" or "lingvistik regerar fett!" in Swedish. :D

Anyway. They told us about career opportunities. Either you stay at Uni =
your entire life and do research and some teaching and if you're lucky =
you can travel to New Guinea to investigate some new yet unknown =
language. The only other choice outside the uniworld is to work at a =
telephone company. (Like Telia, British Telecom(?) or AT&T). But then =
you have to specialize in computer linguistics and you will work with =
stuff like voicemail and those nice "press 1 for this and 2 for that and =
3 for that other stuff that I didn't really call to find out about." ;)

So I guess career opportunities aren't that good, but since Linguistics =
is so damn fun and interesting, career is a minor problem, right? ;)

/ Daniel Andreasson

PS. Kenji. Give my best regards to your parents for giving you such a =
cool name.=20