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Back in school after vacation, i found the passage in Ladino that i had
seen before in my Yiddish textbook, which i didn't have at home.
So, now that i have it, here's the entire passage that i wanted to post
earlier....i don't remember why, exactly, but what the hey... :)

As the caption to the picture says, it's _der onheyb fun hhumash oyf
ladino_, "the beginning of the pentateuch in Ladino".

(Transliteration and especially vowels approximated by me.
Ladino/Dzhudesmo apparently used _yud_ for both /e/ and /i/, so i'm
guessing {e} {i} and {y} based on modern Spanish.  I'm using {sh} for
Hebrew letter _shin_, /S/, {v} for _bet_ with over-bar, {j} for _shin_
with over-bar, which was probably /Z/, {ch} for _gimel_ with
over-bar...i'm not sure whether it's representing /tS/, which is in
modern Hebrew _tzadi_ with over-bar, or /dZ/, which is _gimel_ with
over-bar. {f} is _pei_ with over-bar, as in Yiddish.  Every place i use
{z} it has a _zayin_ /z/.  I use {s} or {c} for _samekh_ and {qu} or {c}
for _quf_ according to my knowledge of modern Spanish.  The same for
consonantal {y} and {ll}.  Also, accents are not marked in the Ladino

1. en pricipio creo' el dio alos cielos y ala tiera.
2. y la tiera era vana y vazia y escuridad sovre fasis de abismo y
espiritu de el dio abolava sovre fasis delash [sic] aguash. [sic]
3. y dijo el dio sea luz y fue luz.
4. y vedo (vido?) el dio ala luz que buena y aparto' el dio entre la luz
y entre la escuridad.
5. y llamo' el dio ala luz di'a y ala escuridad llamo' noche y fue tadre
(tadri?) [sic] (=tarde?) y fue manyana di'a uno.
6. y dijo el dio sea espandidura entre las aguas y sea apartan entre
aguas aaguas. [sic]
7. y izo (=hizo?) el dio ala espandidura y aparto' entre las aguas.

I have no idea why in verse 2 says _delash aguash_ and in the others _las

-Stephen (Steg)
 "hhalomot zeh b'emet"

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