On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Raymond A. Brown wrote: "Well, within 150 miles.  Yes,
yes, I know that in the US that's considered almost living next door  :)"

Padraic replied: "Well, not quite _next door_; but certainly down the street!"

Maybe for most Americans, but when you hit New England, it's not true ...
Lord! I can't imagine living in a state much larger than a pseudo-community
... I mean, there are distinctive dialects within a hundred miles of each
other here!

It's odd to think that Rhode Islanders feel a dark hostility towards
Connecticutians ... and a mixture of anger and jealousy at Massachusetts
residents ... and *Rhode Island* is roughly the size of Houston TX or
Anchorage AK!

New England is fun, but weird.

I'm a kinky, queer, bisexual genderfucker. And they say, "write what you
know." -Cecilia Tan, 'Writing  Sex,' OutWrite 1999
You need to have a magpie mind. I think you need to like shiny things.
-Samuel R. Delaney on what it takes to be a scifi writer, OutWrite 1999
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