On 3-11-99, M. Willoughby wrote: "Hmm, both Mary and marry come out with
the first syllable rhyming with "bear" for me ( /mE@ri/, I guess) but I say
married, /m&: rid/.  Merry is always very distinct, /mEri/."

bear is different from all of the above!

"vowel harmony, do you say sinnimin /'sIn Im ,In/ for 'cinnamon?'"

Yep, /sinimin/.

I'm a kinky, queer, bisexual genderfucker. And they say, "write what you
know." -Cecilia Tan, 'Writing  Sex,' OutWrite 1999

You need to have a magpie mind. I think you need to like shiny things.
-Samuel R. Delaney on what it takes to be a scifi writer, OutWrite 1999

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