Date:         Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:45:23 +0100
   From: Irina Rempt <[log in to unmask]>

   I remember that. I was on the "old" conlang list for a while in 1994,
   and I signed off chiefly because of the hostile attitude of many
   auxlangers to the people who were just in it for fun

Nice to see you on the list again, Irina. You should have stayed on
until I threw the IAL'ers out --- can't have been much later than late
1994, I think.

The best thing about handing the lists over to David was that I got to
unsubscribe from AUXLANG.

Lars Mathiesen (U of Copenhagen CS Dep) <[log in to unmask]> (Humour NOT marked)