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Date: Monday, March 15, 1999 8:10 PM
Subject: sRe: Genitive Relationships again

>Traltan, Gary.  Welcome, and greetings!  Since the sixties, huh?
>are you middle-aged like me and started very VERY early?  Rude

Maybe a little past middle aged.  :)  I started writing conlans the same
year I started high school.  1960.


>Thank you for looking!!  Now tell us about your language.
>Sally Caves
>     <--my emerging glossary

I have two in the works right now.  One is a language (Selador) meant for
poetic expression.  The words are melodic, and deliberately ambiguous. It is
more of a system of verbal "music" (though non-tonal) than it is a system of
communication.  I got the idea while listening to some tapes of various
African langauges with which I am completely unfamiliar.  I couldn't
understand what was being said, but I loved the sound of it.  It occured to
me that there could be a verbal "abstract art" that provided a hint of
meaning, but left much to be interpreted by the listener.

My second project (Rupin) is an attempt to construct an entire language
based on the smallest possible grammar.  So far I have it down to eight
simple rules.  (I'm putting together the rules and some examples of how to
apply them using English vocabulary for my web page.  Perhaps in the next
day or two I'll be able to post a URL.)  The grammar has no such concept as
"part of speech", which is one reason it can be expressed in so few rules.

Rupin has no words of its own yet.  I'm working out the grammar with English
words.  I'll probably write a computer program to generate the words based
on the program I wrote for one of my earlier languages (Elbonian) which was
designed to be traslated to and from English entirely by computer.  (It
applied a sort of a highly elaborate "pig latin" type transformation to the
English words, so is hardly worthy of the title conlang. Kinda like the "Pig
Russian" I created in high schol (Igpaya Ussianruski)

I'm enjoying the posting on this ML.  I confess you people have sent me to
my bookshelf reapeatedly to look up the terms I see.  I guess I need to
brush up a bit.  :)

--Gary Shannon