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Irina Rempt wrote:
> I'm curious how other people come up with words - I know some people
> who can sit down and *make* them, but if I try that I usually have to
> throw away ninety-five percent of the result. Most of the time, if I
> need a word for something, I dip into my stock of unused stems and
> consider them one by one until I hit one that fits.

I usually just make up words, at random (altho they sometimes show
unconcious influences from natlangs).  Sometimes, I'll adapt an English
word or a name, with a certain distortion protocol.  For instance, I
have a friend named "Laura", and so I adapted her name, as sla'na (s- =
gender 3), meaning "friend".  No specific reason for r --> n, just a
slight "disguising".  To adapt her name to my phonology would probably
be tLu'dya (t- = gender 1), /tlu.ra/

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