Trace Erin Kern wrote:

> Hello folks! Just thought I'd say hi since I'm new to the list.
> I found this list during a search online and decided to subscribe because
> it might help me out.
> I am an amateur writer, I write sci-fi/fantasy stories. For my stories I
> have 'created' several alien species. I heard that one of the things
> discussed on this list is 'created' languages for fictional species.

Welcome Trace,

A few of us here (myself included) are fiction writers.  Many are into
conlanging simply for the sheer joy of it.  It's a fascinating artform in its
right.  I think you'll find this list really useful.  I haven't been here
very long
and I've already learned a lot!

> Another thing this list might help me with is a joint programming project
> I and a friend are working on. I had the idea a while back to work with
> him in creating a computer program that took an existing
> dictionary/language file and allowed you to generate a new language, as
> well as translation

> I thought I'd toss that idea out here to see if anyone has allready done
> this, or if anyone might have some basic ideas of how to bring it about.
> Basically we're looking to create a program that will let you specify the
> base phonetic sounds for your new language, then somehow generate a
> translated 'language file/dictonary' using those phonetics as a seed.

This sounds a lot like Langmaker which is a wonderful program
(although it's a little buggy on my machine... ahem).  It can
randomly generate words based on phonetic patterns you
have specified.  It can also take a list of words and morph them
into cognates based on sound changes that you have specified.
Very useful if you're like me and you tend to wind up with too
many homophones in your languages.

You can download it from:

> Any ideas folks?
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Lovely saying; what language is it?

until later,