Irina Rempt wrote:
> _Nane_ "mother", _inane_ "parents" (dual of the preceding)

Interesting, so does you conlang have a female default?

> _idach_ "guts" (dual of_dach_ "stomach")

Interesting use of the dual.

> _nove_ "woman's breast", _inove_ "bosom" (there's also the poetic
> _isam_, meaning "two fruits")

Interesting.  "Two fruits" for "bosom"?  I like that.  Is i- the prefix
for dual in all nouns?

> _nus_ "back" (an animal's back is _pol_ "top")

Very logical!

> _nuta_ "to bear a child"

In Watya'i'sa it's _saqai'_ used transitively.  Intransitively, it means
"to be born".  Poetically, it may also be _lusaqai'_, to cause to be
born (not to be mistaken with lusaqa'i', to create).

> sickness: _mudh_ "healthy", _mudha_ "to heal", "to get better",
> _mudhan_ "doctor", _muzhen_ "medicine"

Are these all related?

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