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> > Father, what are those lights?
>  >
>  > That is the city of the Goyanim. They are a strange people. They light=20
> their
>  > cities at night, as if the stars weren't sufficient for their needs. Th=
>  > fight and kill eachother, not realising the greater danger beyond their
>  > small world. And they do not hunt eachother with bows and arrows. No,=20
>  > have strange devices that kill from far away without arrows. And take=20
>  > near their strange iron horses they use to travel. They travel faster=20
>  > any natural beast ought to, and ignore the strength of the bow and arro=
>  > Best if you avoid their cities, my son.
>  >
>  > Father, whats a city?
In Nedm:

Kenen ge'yjrad, dyd?

Gev h=E1=FAru G=F3yan=F3. V=FAl n=E1u'y
sh=FAng yjrad wy h=E1=FAru, hos unsk =FAmu'y har=FAn=FAngej.  =E9gu shong =
=E9gu nek.
haj=FAngej ly garis mombu til=FAru.  =E9gu pwosej. =20
z=FAg boromycho n=E1u, f=FAcho rym=FAgej tysak, f=FAcho nek m v=FAd gar.
Jiklag  binu'=FAru'ymu k=E1=F3, h=E1 wij=FAg f=FAmu, h=E1 ging=FA.
ging=FAru p=E1 jin=FAru chy =F3y sethy m=F3yu.  hamkush=FAng deleshiru pwos.
mones h=E1=FAru, fiseru

kenen h=E1, dyd?

A word for word translation:

ken-en ge-yjrad, dyd?
thing-? that-light, father

Gev h=E1-=FA-ru G=F3yan-=F3. V=FAl n=E1u-y
that-be  city-them-of Goyan-GEN.  be-they-placeholder strange-PLU

sh-=FA-ng yjrad wy h=E1-=FA-ru, hos unsk =FAmu-y har=FAn-=FA-ng-ej.  =E9gu s=
hong =E9gu nek.
cause-they-it light in city-them-of, as there -would-be-a-situation-in-which=20
star-PLU suffice-they-it-not.  each-other fight each-other kill.

haj-=FA-ng-ej ly gar-is mombu til-=FA-ru.  =E9gu pwos-ej. =20
understand-they-it-not trouble big-more beyond place-them-of.  each-other=20

z-=FA-g borom-y-cho n=E1u, f=FA-cho rym-=FA-g-ej tysak, f=FA-cho nek m v=FAd =
have-they-them device-PLU-X strange, the-X need-they-them-not arrow[s], the-=
kill at distance big.

Jikl-a-g  binu-=FA-ru-y-mu k=E1-=F3, h=E1 wij-=FA-g f=FA-mu, h=E1 ging-=FA.
be-careful-you-them horse-them-of-PLU-X metal-GEN, as use-they-them the-X, a=

ging-=FA-ru p=E1 jin-=FA-ru chy =F3y seth-y m=F3yu.  ham-kush-=FA-ng delesh-=
i-ru pwos.
travel-them-of  exceed speed-them-of recommended all animal-PLU natural. =20
OPPOSITE-heed-they-it power-it-of bow-and-arrow

r=E1 mones h=E1-=FA-ru, fis-e-ru
should avoid city-them-of, son me-of

ken-en h=E1, dyd?
thing-? city, father

This was a god means of me working on some translation inot a revised Nedm=20
without regard to tense.
Pacs Precs
Joe Mondello