C. Grandsire wrote: "Unhappily for you, "maison" is of the FEMININE gender.
You must say "la maison". But it doesn't change anything to the rest of
your post."

Good point!

Me: "Gender didn't really make sense to me deep down until I learned this
explanation in college, even though I could *use* it just fine in French
and other languages."

CG: "Not so fine I think. But don't worry, even we French have sometimes
problems with genders (what the hell must one say: "un enzyme" or "une

I suppose I exaggerated: I should have said, 'even though I could read it
just fine in French and other languages.' I'm afraid my specialty isn't
European languages, I speak much better Mandarin than I do French (although
reading French is way, way easier than reading Chinese ... oh the irony).

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