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woops! that message was an accident

well's my translation....

>   Beginnen can ick, volherden wil ick, volbringhen sal ick
>In English:
>   I can begin, I want to persevere, I will succeed.

Putrom nijinen, kerem liglinen, telte ecenaam.
can.I begin.PP want.I persevere.PP all

I kind of have the same problem that some others are having=97it doesn't qui=
have the same ring as the original=97tho actually it's not too bad.

BTW, PP stands for present participle=97when you have to verbs like "can" an=
"begin" in Eloshtan, you can either put the second into the participle form,=20
or leave it in the infinitive (ending in "fy") and put oo*(k) (* represents=20
the letter(s) that refer to the person, e.g., "m" for 1st person, you add "k=
if it's plural)) before both words:
so it could be either:
Putrom nijinen...or...Oom putrom nijify
There is no word for "succeed" in Eloshtan, one way to get around it is to=20
say "everything is good to...whoever."