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<< Nik Taylor wrote:
 > Parents are the one exception, padre/madre - this is true in ALL
 > language, father and mother are always different roots.
 Actually, that's not quite true.
 In Hawai`ian, parent is makua. Mother is makuahine, also spelled
 makuwahine; woman is wahine. Father is makua ka~ne (~ is a macron).
 Ka~ne means male/husband/man. In Hawai`ian, father and mother have the
 same root.
 Adam Raizen >>

Same with Tahitian (no wonder) :

parents =3D na metua
father =3D te metua taane
mother =3D te metua vahine

but you still can say 'papa' and 'mama', and Nik may refer to these concepts=20
commonly paired on Pachamama ;-)