On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Mia Soderquist wrote:
> > Well, this is my fifth child, and I will admit to subjecting all my kids
> > to all kinds of linguistic torture. (laugh) I think they assume that all
> > mothers make up languages, listen to recordings of languages they don't
> > understand, and use random foreign phrases in conversation just because
> > they sound right. :)
> But you've never considered *teaching* them any of your conlangs?  Is
> that because you yourself aren't fluent enough, or because you don't
> want to, or what?  Just curious.

I'm not Mia, but I have three of my own (all intelligent and
inquisitive little girls) and no, I don't teach them Valdyan though I
do use the occasional phrase, as I do of other languages that happen
to float around in our house such as Latin and Welsh and Denden.

I'm not nearly fluent enough. Besides, if they're going to learn a
second language, let them pick up Turkish at school (from immigrant
kids), it's *really* useful. And if they turn out to be interested,
they know that it's OK to make up languages and they can start on
their own.


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