This is the beginning of the babel story in a relex of allnoun.

The allnoun punctuations are represented thus:

Se silri eyelti tyu esifse sete etyepilu se

 . land:place one-thing:language few-things:word .

Se ure esipis sutwe eke twatri eture sa esipis

 . ^something:time travelling:whole east:origin ) :time

totwo eke u si utyuseto eke shinar enetli sa erifo sa eyetli

 finding:whole ^(^plain:whole Shinar:name):theme):place

tissewi eke se

inhabiting: whole .

All these parentheses bother me... there has to be a better way of grouping


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     "Koy tse tl'an tse tum gen nekom payaw;
           ts'enra me hlay man yatam."
"The noble nation of Atlantis is greatest among men;
    And its reign shall extend unto eternity."
          (from a Linear P inscription.)