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>I would really like to understand this, but I think I need some more help on
>the terms "determiner" vs "determinee" and "lexical" vs. "grammatical"
>Could you give some more examples with particular attention to these

        Okay, so I'm going to try and define those words more clearly.

        "determiner-determinee" are two members of a pair. Once you understand
one, you understand the other. A "determiner" is a word that completes
another, narrowing its meaning or giving it a special function. With this
definition, adjectives, possessives, articles, deictics, or some nouns are
determiners. When you say: "the red ball", 'red' determines 'ball', because
it narrows the meaning of ball (it's not any ball, it's specifically a red
one). Another example is "John's ball", where "John's" determines 'ball'
(it's a specific ball, the one that is owned by John). Those examples are
examples of what I call 'lexical determination', as here, determination is
used to narrow the meaning of a word (this word being the... determinee of
course, the one which is determined).
        But in a sentence like: "I went into the house", the relation between
'into' and 'the house' is also (with my definitions) a relation of
determination, 'into' determining 'the house', because it narrows its
function (it describes the function of the house, which is the place were I
went 'into', not 'out of', not 'over', etc... It also narrows the meaning
of the house, so it can be called a determiner). This kind of relation is
what I call a 'grammatical determination', because it has more to do with
the function ('grammar') than with the meaning ('lexicon') (even if often
things are blended).

        Now, giving examples in Notya to show these distinctions is very
difficult, as Notya is not very clear when out of context. Just try to
analyse the examples of my former post about Notya with the definitions I
gave you, and if you still have problems, just tell me where you have
problems and I'll try to help you on precise problems (it will be easier
for me than trying to give examples that are very versatile when not in

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