On Sat, 24 Apr 1999, Gerald Koenig wrote:

> This book is probably old news to most of us here, but I just bought it
> last month and I love it. Check it out if you haven't!
> Jerry   [log in to unmask]
> >Coulmas, Florian . 1989 . Writing systems of the world . Oxford, England ,
> >Basil Blackwell, Ltd . 302 .

Yes, this is a really good one. However, for the latest and fullest
word on writing systems, I'd advise:

Daniels, Peter and William Bright (eds.). 1996. The world's writing
systems. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Of which I say on my website:

  Incredibly expensive, but worth every last cent. The best book on
  scripts there is - now if they had included a cdrom with fonts of all
  the scripts in the book, I would have been in heaven. Almost all scripts
  are exhaustively discussed, complete with an example text.

However, I'm in the process of preparing fonts of the more unusual
scripts in this book, having started with Meroitic.

That reminds me of an offer I've been wanting to make to people on this
list - if you've got a script but no font, I'd like to do you one
(pc/unix Postscript and TrueType), if you provide me with a scan of the
script and some documentation, or if you papermail me the script. The
fonts will be produced with Pyrus Scanfont and Fontlab 2.5.

I'd like to put the font on my website, though.

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