Raymond A. Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote
> Pablo's reading of the glyphs as ideograms is novel.  It has often been
> questioned whether any knowledge of the ancient Linear scripts would've
> survived till the 3rd cent.BC so we can't, I think, rule this out as a
> possibility.  But what is the curious pattern the sacred finger of the
> Enlightened One pointing at? Is it the glyphs?

Maybe. Or some other of those curious patterns we find
in human behaviour.

> And hey, doesn't 'Buddha' mean 'Enlightened One'?  Was the Enlightening
> (about 1500 BC??) a prior revelation of the Buddha before that of Gauta=
> Sakhyamuni in north India?  Or is the Drasel=E9q Enlightenment somethin=
> different?

The Enlightened One was of a rich noble family, but that's probably
the only coincidence. He fell into an unexplainable sadness and went
away and meditated during months in a cave, and then he realised
why he and the rest of humankind felt sad and misplaced in the world.
He said Elan, the Eternal One, had come and cleansed his "inner room"
(his soul).

The date I mentioned (1200 years after the Enlightenment)
corresponds to the language in the inscription, not necessarily
to the inscription. Anyway, the Dr=E1selhadh live in a parallel
Earth, so there would have to be some interdimensional leak in
order for one of his scriptures to end up *here*. This could
easily include some time distorsion :) -- I guess we'll never
know for sure.

--Pablo Flores

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En gian idgrivar fr=FAmneltel frasi=E9rraser gian pavonn
be i malladhar siqged=FCer.

"Don't blame your enemy for your disgrace=20
 if you've just given them a chance."

(Traditional Dr=E1selhadh saying)