At 7:06 pm -0400 26/4/99, Steg Belsky wrote:
>Just wondering....what is "apophony"?  I was glancing at a book on the
>history of Hebrew today (a different one than before) and it said that
>the Semitic "broken plurals" are considered by some to have something to
>do with apophony.  But it didn't explain what apophony is, and none of
>the dictionaries i looked at had it.
>So...what is it?

A good question!   So where are the answers I and, I'm darn sure, Steg were
looking forward to reading??

I've met this word in connexion with Semitic broken purals and, searching
the web in vain today for the _meaning_,  I found it in an article about
"Proto-Nostratic"!  All very obscure.

Like Steg, I can't find the word in any dictionaries - not even on limguistics!

And Greek is little help. I find in Classical Greek merely the verb, used
as a legal term, 'aphpho:neo:' "I depose in evidence".  Doesn't seem to
have much to do with broken plurals!

So come on - one of you professional linguists must surely know the answer.
Can't you help us amateurs  ;)